venerdì 22 agosto 2014

The International Federation of Library Associations

L'attività della Casa e' stata presentata ieri alla conferenza internazionale dell'Ifla che si sta tenendo a Lione:
Dalla loro pagina web dedicata alla Casa Internazionale delle donne di Trieste:

Memory: Feminine Noun

The Women International House of Trieste , and its Library and Documentation Centre "Elca Ruzzier", is a place run by for women, regardless of age and social and ethnic origin. It is a point of reference and stimulus to the political and programming action of institutions, and it is a physical expression of the network among organizations, associations and women's movements. In this place women can express their creativeness and ideas by organizing many activities of cultural exchange, discussion, and meeting, thus improving women's access to information and promoting their empowerment. Here we will present a few of the most successful projects carried out recently by the House and its Library: MIAF, COMCITA, WOMEN STUDIES CONFERENCES, PUBLISHING HOUSE “VITA ACTIVA”.